May 15, 2015


It is interesting that english-speaking internet doesn't really know about wirework. If you want to know how to make sculptures or jewelry, if you want to see the tutorials, or find photos of completed beautiful things for inspiration - it's quite a challenge to do.

There are very few web-sites in english (well, in russian as well). Even talking about me - I have only a couple of sources for inspiration - group, pinterest and a couple of online shops. And, to be honest, it's pretty sad - i live inside of a kind of bubble, and it's very possible that I may skip some very interesting and important things for my future development (you know, everybody wants to become better at something - and I am not an exception). So, I decided to create a page at ZEEF - a very nice place where people can collect, classify and rank all the links about any topic. It took some time, but i managed to find a lot of resources about wirework - and extended my bubble quite much! Now I see more websites for inspiration, tutorials and opportunities to learn new things about making jewelry and sculptures of wire! I made this page for myself, but I am sure that it will be helpful for millions of people just like me - those who admire this art and want to learn how to make beautiful things out of almost nothing.

Check out my ZEEF page, and I hope I will find more people who will help me to extend this page and find the best sources about wirework.

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