Feb 17, 2015


With the help of competition everything in life can be turned into a game. Any task can be broken up into sub-goals, and if you make a rating of participants, people will be willing to reach these sub-targets and collect useless scores and points to win the opponent. Thus you can make anyone to do unloved job, perform unloved tasks and use unwanted applications, products or sites.

In fact, motivation is everything. If you know how to motivate this or that person, you can twirl them like a doll, and they will do anything for you. You can also make your own life easier by setting goals and seeing every task as a game.

On mobile systems we discussed some ideas of mobile apps, one of them – an app to search for people who want to play sport games (football, volleyball and other team games). One simple idea turned this application into a powerful motivational tool – just allow people to rate each other after the game, and they will do their best to play better, exercise more and gain the cherished “likes”. It is always nice to see high ranking near your profile picture!

This aspect is also associated with the term “gamification”, which has already penetrated into all spheres of life, from HR and business in general to personal motivation, so IMHO it is necessary to keep this idea in mind in any situation.

Maybe it is obvious, but nevertheless falls into my category “things I learned today”

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