May 28, 2015


Once I posted a blogpost about the lack of communication, and after that I received a response from my friend who has the same problem. She writes: "you know, it doesn't even matter where you live. Just when something big ends (university life, for example), when people are not parts of it anymore, when they stop associating themselves with it, they just give up. Some give up because they already have their friends and relatives. And some give up because they just do not understand how important it is for other people to communicate with them."And I absolutely agree with it, sometimes even the most elementary relationships need to be supported, and this support requires some costs. People just don't want to waist their time and resources on it.

That's why you have a choice: either you will sit and cry "nobody loves/writes/needs me" or always be the first person to write. And you know, I do not care anymore. It is not difficult for me to write first - it's a simple demand for attention by paying it on someone. I have some people with whom we haven't been communicating that much (or even stopped talking at all), but when we did - we did it sincerely. And every time I remember them - there is a warm light in my soul, because I still have these feelings, and they are not going to disappear until the memories of those moments spent together, those "strings" of that spiritual connection with a person, fade out.

I have a best friend - we know each other for about 8 years. We are terribly different, and communicate very rarely (especially now), but he is still my brother, and he always makes this warmth light up in my chest. Although we are both pretty much introverts, but when this wave of "heartiness" starts - it almost brings me to tears, so emotional :)

IMHO this is the real friendship. You may even never talk to each other - it is simply enough that your friends are always in your heart - you will never forget them, and when you talk - you touch the most delicate strings of your soul, and because of this the mood is better, the life is beautiful and you are ready to scream about how happy you are to have friends, though far away, but very true.

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