Mar 7, 2015


Today we went to the public library of Amsterdam. How awesome it isl! Insanely stylish, bright and modern! Five or six floors of books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs (!!!) desks with computers, soft seats, and most unusual for me - comics! Never in my life I have seen such comics books. They are unbeleivably beautiful! So bright, so professional, of such a high quality! All of them have glossy paper of A4 size, with incredible painting techniques, and, oh, what a pity they are all in Dutch! But despite of this we spent about 30 minutes looking at the pictures. We even found a couple of comics about Russia, Stalin and Lenin! So strange to see Dutch Comics with Hermitage and Palace Square in St. Petersburg =)

russian dutch comics
Also there were "Game of Thrones". Yes, the heroes didn't look like the actors, but still, all af them are recognizable!
games of thrones comics
I've never been interested in comics and never have even paid attention on them (well, may be just in my childhood), and it is so cool and so strange that now they finally hooked me. However, I still don't have any desire to read them, to deepen into the plot - I'd better just look at the pictures and think about nothing. Do you think it is laziness or dullness?

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