Dec 8, 2014

What is success

When a person finds his place in the world, he begins to glow, he becomes visible to everyone. He can easily influence others, he even may have the followers who want to become just like him. That is why successful and famous people are called “stars” – because they literally shine because of their glory, professionalism and success.

If the actor is genious and plays any role perfectly – he/she will sure become a star. If a musician writes great songs, has a beautiful voice – the whole world will know him (of course, if he wants so). We can say so about anyone: a doctor, a teacher, a coach, an athlete, a writer… The thing is that it is necessary to understand what your inner strength is, in what direction you need to grow and develop. Millions of people are not aware of their talents and capabilities, so they live their life sitting in the office and performing useless or hated work. I’m not saying that fame is a symbol of success. But, in my opinion, if a person is successful, if he does his job perfectly, if he enjoys it and if he is really happy, he will have the inner glowing, it will radiate positive energy to anyone. For example, if some Chinese man makes the best noodles in the world – he may not be famous all over the world or country, but he, for sure, will have a lot of customers who will recommend his restaurant to their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, we never know our inner strength and talents, and often we either do not even try to find out, or spend the entire lives in unsuccesful search…

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