Dec 7, 2014


How unusual they are, these musicians. Just imagine: you learn music for all your life, practice playing the instrument, compose your own music, play, play, play… then study in the university or in any conservatory, and play there, learn theory, music history, other theoretical stuff… This is your life, you do it every single day! You look at all the songs in a different perspective. You can hear every single sound of any instrument…

I was fortunate to meet two professional musicians who are learning music here in Amsterdam. One plays keyboard in a band, and they have such great songs!

I have never looked on this from this angle. For me, music is something taken for granted, because there are so many different groups, musicians, so many songs in the world! And we just got used to it, for us music is like advertisements: we see and hear it every day, and we can just ignore it. But try to look at this from musician’s point of view: he dedicated his life to this art, he spent thousands of hours playing the instrument, he created this melody, made this track, he spent so much effort, he put his soul there!

These people literally radiate inspiration and creativity. You look at their hands and see how they fly over the keys and magically make piano sound.

We all see the world very differently, but it is so amasing to wear the shoes of another person and see the world through his eyes.

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