Feb 10, 2014


Sometimes , you look at a person and think: “his name should be “Michael”, because he looks like Michael”, however you don’t know any person whose name is Michael. Sometimes I associate strangers with the names of countries and cities, and it is also pretty interesting.

Before my trip to Europe I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that the name “Prague” fits me. And it was not because the tickets that had already been purchased, the flight was coming and i felt that travelling mood, no. I don’t know why, but i feel that the girl named Prague has big eyes and a modest, discreet smile.

When I arrived to this city of Prague, I realized that I would come here again and again. I liked this atmosphere of antiquity, these Gothic steeples, brown roofs and streets on which you can walk forever. I was charmed by the sculptures on the Charles Bridge , Powder Towers, the clock on the Old Town Square , “trdelniks” and Czech cuisine in general , beautiful people , stunning architecture and a bit familiar (after all, St. Petersburg is a European city too).

So, I added a couple of photos (which can be easily turned to postcards) to my collection.

Travel, friends! And be sure to visit Prague. It is magical.

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