May 7, 2014

2 suitcases

The more time passes, the more I feel I am going to leave this place soon. Although I know almost nothing about my future, day after day I want to make an experiment and see if all my stuff will successfully fit into 2 suitcases. Imagine how cool it is when everything you gut during 21 years – is only 2 suitcases. Printer, dishes, filter and a couple of other things will be given to friends, and the rest will fit into 2 suitcases and will fly out of the country. Every day I get rid of unnecessary stuff. Of course, it is difficult, because some things bring back memories, but now it is better for me to get rid of these memories. Why should I drag myself to the past? I have to live in the present and be ready to face the future.

And please, people! Stop giving all sorts of trinkets, toys and other useless trash. What for?! 80% of the stuff – gifts that are absolutely unnecessary, layng in the farthest corner, but it is a shame to throw it away, because “it shows a lack of respect.” What a nonsense! Why cling to the trash, why keep it?

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